In the Spotlight

As the “We Are One” National Task Force, we are committed to building relationships and bridging gaps. Our purpose is to implement awareness and understanding that will benefit, not only our children with disabilities, but also their non-disabled peers, and all mother members. Our program will help our children to cultivate skills that they can take into the world, which will make them more apt to build and nurture successful relationships with diverse populations.

Our “We Are One” National Task Force would like to provide families and chapters with an overview of the recommended areas of programmatic modification needed to accommodate differently-abled children. The impetus for the initial areas of modification is grounded in the alarming data reported in the literature related to the academic, social, and health disparities of children who learn differently.

Specifically, researchers have observed that many African American parents look at treatment for physical and learning disabilities as a crutch and label children with special needs as “slow” (Natsuaki, 2007), which can be a confidence damaging label for a child to carry. Consequently, many family members do not openly discuss these issues or fully participate in events that could add to the growth and development of their children.

We Are One Chair

Kimberly Fisher

Southeastern Regional Representative